Terms Of Use

Sellers Basics

    - Once you have delivered product or service successfully, your account will be accredited with sales amount (minus 20%).
    - The buyers pay IBOgigs in advance while ordering from a seller.
    - Sellers receive the money once the order is complete.
    - Sellers are free to withdraw their earnings to PayPal account as per the terms and conditions provided below.
    - In case the order is cancelled (due to any reason), the paid amount is refunded to the buyer.
    - Seller’s rating depends on a number of factors like the feedback provided from past buyers, number of orders cancelled and the number of late deliveries.  

   Handling orders

       - The seller is informed by a mail whenever a buyer orders his product or service.
    - Sellers have to meet the deadlines specified in their ad. If they fail to deliver on time the buyer has full right to cancel the order. It will also decrease the seller’s rating on IBOgigs.
    - The buyers and sellers are allowed to cancel an order on mutual order. If this happens the rating of both the parties is not affected.
    - The mutual cancellation request are automatically approved after 48 hours, it will also decrease the rating of the user not responding.
    - Seller is allowed to cancel his order at any time. However, doing so will decrease his rating on IBOgigs.

   Staying out of trouble

       - The user identities should not be revealed on IBOgigs by any means. Requesting or providing contact details like email or Skype usernames is not allowed on IBOgigs
    - Both buyers and sellers have to use the messaging system present on IBOgigs for communicating with each other and exchanging files or other information.
    - It is not allowed to post or send adult, abusive, copyright protected, spam, violent or any other illegal stuff on IBOgigs. Doing so will result in permanent ban from IBOgigs.

   Work delivery & communications

      - The sellers and buyers are required to scan all the transferred files for malwares or viruses. If any damage occurs due to site usage or transfer of files, it will not be the responsibility of IBOgigs.
    - The sellers have to deliver the final completed work using 'Deliver Completed Work' tab (located in the Order Page).
    -The buyer is allowed to respond in maximum three days after the order is complete and submitted. If he fails to respond in three days, the order is marked complete.

       Withdrawing revenues

        - The sellers are required to have a valid PayPal account for withdrawing their revenues. The sellers must ensure that their PayPal account is not limited before withdrawing funds from IBOgigs.
    - You can add only one PayPal account to your IBOgigs profile. This association is permanent and you cannot change it in future.
    - You can withdraw the revenue only after a safety clearance period of 14 days.
    - PayPal charges transfer fees of 3%PayPal's transfer fees of the total withdrawal sum, and up to a maximum of $2. You can save withdrawal fees by withdrawing $50 or more in one go
    - Once you have completed the withdrawal you cannot reverse the process. It is final and cannot be changed.

Buyers Basics

    - You can purchase Gigs using Paypal or CreditCard through Paypal service.
    - You can make orders only when the payment is confirmed
    - In case you have balance of $50 or more on IBOgigs, it will be used automatically when you order new Gigs.
    - Your identity is kept anonymous as a buyer. You are required not to request or provide contact details from sellers like their Email addresses, Skype/IM usernames or any other personal contact information.
    - You cannot use any other payment method than that used by IBOgigs
    - You are not allowed to pay directly to the sellers PayPal account. If a seller asks you to do so, you are required to report it to our support team.
    - You are also requested not to file disputes or reverse payments payment through PayPal or your bank. If you do so your account may get blocked.
    - In case a problem arises, try to work it out with the seller. In case you need further help, you can contact our support team here.
    - Order cancellations (if eligible) can be done by customer support on Yooker only till 10 days from the date of completion of order. Thereafter the orders cannot be cancelled.

Shipping ( If feature is activated)

    - Some of the services on IBOgigs may require any good to be delivered physically (arts and crafts, collectable items etc). In such case, the sellers may add charges for shipping. The sellers are allowed to add shipping charges for local or international shipping depending on the place where the goo is to be delivered.


    - If a buyer buys a Gig that requires physical delivery of a product, the buyer must provide a valid shipping address. Thereafter it is the responsibility of the seller to make all the arrangements for shipping. IBOgigs is not involved with the shipping of goods, tracking the order, quality of the item delivered or any other damage caused during shipping.
    - Using tracking numbers avoids the chances of possible disputes related to shipping. We recommend the sellers to mention the tracking number while delivering their work.

General terms

    - If you are found violating IBOgig's Terms of Service, your account may get permanently blocked.
    - The sellers are allowed to withdraw their funds from blocked accounts only after a safety period of 45 to 90 days. The duration of the safety period depends on the reason of the block. The safety period is calculated from the day of last cleared payment received in their account and subject to IBOgig's approval.
    - The disputes on IBOgigs should be resolved using IBOgig's dispute resolution tools ('Got Problems?' in the order page). You can also reach the customer support for any further assistance.
    - IBOgigs reserves the right to put an account on hold or even permanently ban accounts to misbehavior, cheating or any other illegal activity. Once the account gets blocked, the user cannot buy or sell on IBOgigs any further.


    - The sellers and buyers are advised to settle their disputes or conflicts among themselves. However, if they fail to resolve the dispute mutually, they can contact the support here.
    - Yooker will not refund payments for cancelled orders to the PayPal account of the buyer. It will be refunded to the balance of the buyer and can be used for future purchases on IBOgigs.

Ownership and limitations

    -  Ownership and limitations: Unless clearly mentioned otherwise in description text of the Gig, when the work is delivered, the buyer is provided all intellectual property rights, including but not limited to, copyrights for the work delivered from the seller and the seller waives any and all moral rights therein. For removal of doubt, in custom created work (such as art work, design work, report generation etc.), buyer is provided with full ownership of the work. The seller also agrees to provide all the copyright to the buyer. An exception is made in case a work-for-hire under the U.S. Copyright Act. Additionally, independent of the U.S. Copyright Act, the seller agrees that unless he indicated otherwise in the Yook description, once the order is delivered the buyer gets ownership and rights over the services or work to the maximum extent possible under the laws.
    - The sellers are also advised not to use the information obtained from buyer for any other purpose then completing the work provided by the buyer.
    -  When the seller offers a service on IBOgigs, he is supposed to have the permission and right to sell or resell the services he is offering.