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Welcome to my Personal down under portal. My name is Maree. I live in Christchurch New Zealand. Due to major surgery in 2009. I was left house bound and bored. I was forced to shut shop after 20 years and concentrate on recovering at home. While awaiting more surgery. Determined not to feel sorry for myself. I started to search the internet, for a way to earn a living working from home. Selling my Maree Designs Clothing Range. This is when I first discovered the wonders of affiliate marketing. After transferring my store to Triple Clicks. I was introduced to their affiliate program SFI. After the Earthquakes in 2011. I lost everything. Needing to relocate and build my strength up once again. Losing my entire team at SFI as I did not have a standing order set in place. Due to all the earthquake damage. Operations were put on hold. So once again it became a waiting game. Once I relocated I reactivated my SFI account. Setting up a standing order. So no matter the circumstances I would always be active. I then started to design advertising packages for newbie support. Adding to my ECA Store. Teaching my team how to generate a real income working from home. I decided to expand and offer my Selling Packages at IBO GIGs. Supporting all my team and friends, 1. Offering to design training websites. 2. Setting up their Splash campaigns with an auto responder. 3. Advertising Packages. All you need for Marketing Success at your finger tips.

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How to generate a real income working from home. Are you with SFI. Wanting to explode your down line. Or looking to earn a real income working from home. I am a Platinum Team Leader at SFI achieving Level 5 in the leadership challenges. One on One training for SFI Members Standing order for 1000 Visitors Monthly to your SFI promotional link . Plus 24/7 Face book support. You may purchase as many packages as you require.