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True fans are hard to find and precious. Just a few can change everything. My job is to make change. My job is to connect to people, to interact with them in a way that leaves them better than i found them. Let's talk about Experience.

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I will give 6K Fresh USA Leads Everyday for 30 days for $5

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Yes, I will deliver 6,000.00 USA Fresh Opportunity Seekers Verified Email Leads Directly to your inbox EVERYDAY for a Period of 30 DAYS. Everyone Knows that List is the Lifeblood of any Business. Survey prosfect are better quality than the Regular Le ads and will give you a better response rate. This is simply the BEST way to send the word out about a product and/or service you really believe in. And you know what? IT WORKS LIKE YOU BELIEVE! Opt-

I will 60,000 Updated USA Phone Numbers for $5

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Updated almost daily, meticulously maintained and manicured. This USA Phone numbers are comprised of real data acquired through constant research by a small but highly "connected" group of telcom industry leaders, insiders, business owners and individuals. Our main database was created and designed for long distance billing services which is why we require the highest accuracy possible.

Why should you clean your EMAIL ADDRESS lists ? If you send emails to Invalid/Bouncing email addresses then your SERVER IP reputation is seriously jeopardized within few hours. GMAIL, HOTMAIL, YAHOO, AOL will blacklist your server IP ON THE SPOT if you send more than 50-150 emails to their users and if the sending results in bounce backs. If your IP gets blacklisted, then all future emails which you send will either get deferred/blocked/spammed.